When my grandmother passed away I discovered a telegraph key hidden away among her things. It belonged to my great great grandfather, Richard O’Brien, one of the four “Immortal” founders of the United States Military Telegraph Corps. Created during the American Civil War the USMTC was the first body in human history to use mass communication on such a large scale coordinated effort. This blog documents my historical research regarding my great great grandfather, the telegraph and the Civil War.

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  1. marconiman says:

    Hello, I am an avid civil war telegraph historian. I found your blog and commend your work!! It sounds like an amazing project! I have just finished building a set of working replica civil war era telegraph instruments for a production company. I also do demos and show-and-tell programs for schools, colleges, and community centers on the history of the telegraph. If I can be of any service to you, let me know.

    Drop me a line



    • korsaktion says:

      Hi Robert. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the interest. As a matter of fact I am currently looking for someone to demo period equipment for me and walk me though a basic set up. Is this something you can help with?

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